Triple AAA Backflow Prevention Services of Stockton

Certified and Bonded Backflow Inspection Service

Why backflow preventers


A lot of business owners know they’re required to have a backflow prevention device installed, although they’re only generally sure of what they do.

Simply put, a backflow prevention device is a one-way valve the only allows water to move one way: from the supply to the customer. Why is this important? Well, supposed your neighboring business’ irrigation system springs a leak. You wouldn’t want the contaminants present in his outdoor sprinkler system to get into your potable water supply, would you? That’s what a backflow prevention device is good for. It doesn’t allow water to flow backward into the primary water supply.

To make sure every backflow prevention device is working correctly, most municipal codes required you have your backflow device inspected annually by a Certified Backflow Tester.  That’s where we come in. We can test your device and certify that it meets all applicable standards and regulations.

Learn more about backflow preventers or about our certification.

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